letter from the editor

You know the best thing about relationship breakups… it’s over! It also means you can move on to the next person, occupation, or thing.

It sucks knowing your vision for something and your company’s differ. It also sucks knowing it’s time to leave.

After being ousted from my last website, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted. I knew I couldn’t “make it big” by waiting for big name sites to accept me as an aspiring sports writer that hadn’t wrote anything for any site.

I also knew that when I scoured the web for a site to propose my work for that site, I didn’t like what I saw. Some sites possessed tickers that contained old news from months back, others looked like a bowl of whatever you get when you mix mash potatoes and all the other servings from a turkey dinner, and others were just so plain they looked like half finished projects that were turned in at the last minute only to receive a “D+” for effort.

So when I looked around I studied what made some of the better sites more suitably laid out, because after all that’s what you want for your visitors – something easier to navigate but also eye appealing. I finally settled on one certain site’s layout, another’s eye catching sections, and finally one particular site’s color scheme (this will be ongoing though).

As for the name of the site, I loved Five Thirty Eight so I decided to keep it within that range. I had tried “The Fast Break” in the past but it seemed so cheesy, and other sports related names I decided to just bypass. Also, the number name felt simplistic and a bit scientific, was easy to remember, and when it came to the present name of the site distinguishable enough to stand out. But I still didn’t know what to call it. I know I wanted something with the number “5” in it. There’s just something magical about it. The Rock and other celebrities always post their morning get up times, which usually start around 5am. So why not just name the site 5:15 – the time my alarm goes off in the morning to hoop. Easy enough.

But I wasn’t done yet. I needed an icon. I needed something that could encapsulate sports and movies/television. I struggled over this for weeks. And then finally, BAM! A ticket. You need a ticket to get into sports events and movies! Perfect.

You may notice some of the major categories like movies/television and podcasts don’t have any posts. That’s because it’s still a work in progress. Eventually I want those sections filled along with a Youtube channel and in time a magazine to display the best works from writers of the site. All future goals that I want to meet though.

For the time being, I want to focus on producing great written works and covering unique and fun angles. In time, with the right people the focus will shift to infusing synergy, and optimizing the site to bring you the reader the best content possible.